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@RedhawkDeployer RedhawkDeployer released this Apr 16, 2019 · 0 commits to develop-4.0 since this release

  • Added ability to process a meta data file captured by FileWriter to replicate the same context when playing back the data. The following context information is used when processing each data packet:

    • SRI Context - streamID, hversion, xstart, xdelta, subsize, ystart, ydelta, mode, keywords/values
    • Packet Context - streamID, data length, EOS, timecode (tcmode,tcstatus, twsec, tfsec, toff)
  • Added additional unit tests for meta data file handling.

  • Updated version number.

  • Prevented increase of CPU utilization when the asset is not playing.

  • Improved handling of Big or Little Endian data formats when processing data.

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