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Django OAuth2 Consumer is a reusable application for providing a OAuth provider for your project - NOT MAINTAINED - Use Django OAuth Toolkit instead
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Django OAuth2 Consumer (doac) Build Status

DOAC is a reusable application that can be used to provide an OAuth2 cosumer for your project. It is based on RFC 6749 for the OAuth2 authorization framework.

What do I need to use this?

This plugin has not been tested on other configurations. If it works with different requirements, or if a requirement is missing from the list, feel free to bring up an issue.

What else does this have support for?

Where is the documentation?

The documentation is not complete, but we try our best to keep them current and comprehensive.

They are included in this repository in markdown versions. You can view them here.

Where are the tests?

We are trying our best to keep them up to date. Feel free to submit a pull request with tests for code that is not covered.

You can run the tests with:


The test runner has support for along with some other options.