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Java Client for RedisBloom probabilistic module
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A Java Client Library for RedisBloom


This project contains a Java library abstracting the API of the RedisBloom Redis module, that implements a high performance bloom filter with an easy-to-use API

See for installation instructions of the module.

Official Releases






Usage example

Initializing the client:

import io.rebloom.client.Client

Client client = new Client("localhost", 6378);

Adding items to a bloom filter (created using default settings):

client.add("simpleBloom", "Mark");
// Does "Mark" now exist?
client.exists("simpleBloom", "Mark"); // true
client.exists("simpleBloom", "Farnsworth"); // False

Use multi-methods to add/check multiple items at once:

client.addMulti("simpleBloom", "foo", "bar", "baz", "bat", "bag");

// Check if they exist:
boolean[] rv = client.existsMulti("simpleBloom", "foo", "bar", "baz", "bat", "mark", "nonexist");

Reserve a customized bloom filter:

client.createFilter("specialBloom", 10000, 0.0001);
client.add("specialBloom", "foo");

Use cluster client to call redis cluster Initializing the cluster client:

Set<HostAndPort> jedisClusterNodes = new HashSet<>();
jedisClusterNodes.add(new HostAndPort("localhost", 7000));
ClusterClient cclient = new ClusterClient(jedisClusterNodes);

Adding items to a bloom filter (created using default settings):

cclient.add("simpleBloom", "Mark");
// Does "Mark" now exist?
cclient.exists("simpleBloom", "Mark"); // true
cclient.exists("simpleBloom", "Farnsworth"); // False

all method of ClusterClient is same to Client.

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