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Probabilistic Datatypes Module for Redis
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RedisBloom - Bloom Filter Module for Redis

RedisBloom module provides four datatypes, a Scalable Bloom Filter and Cuckoo Filter, a Count-Mins-Sketch and a Top-K. Bloom and Cuckoo filters are used to determine (with a given degree of certainty) whether an item is present or absent from a collection. While Count-Min Sketch is used to approximate count of items in sub-linear space and Top-K maintains a list of K most frequent items.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Launch RedisBloom with Docker
  2. Use RedisBloom with redis-cli

Note: You can also build and load the module yourself.

1. Launch RedisBloom with Docker

docker run -p 6379:6379 --name redis-redisbloom redislabs/rebloom:latest

2. Use RedisBloom with redis-cli

docker exec -it redis-redisbloom bash

# redis-cli

Start a new bloom filter by adding a new item

#> BF.ADD newFilter foo
(integer) 1

Checking if an item exists in the filter

#> BF.EXISTS newFilter foo
(integer) 1

Building and Loading RedisBloom

In order to use this module, build it using make and load it into Redis.


Invoking redis with the module loaded

$ redis-server --loadmodule /path/to/

Client libraries

Project Language License Author URL
redisbloom-py Python BSD Redis Labs GitHub
JReBloom Java BSD Redis Labs GitHub
rebloom JavaScript MIT Albert Team GitHub


Documentation and full command reference at

Mailing List / Forum

Got questions? Feel free to ask at the RedisBloom mailing list.


Redis Source Available License Agreement - see LICENSE

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