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RedisBloom: Probabilistic Data Structures for Redis

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The RedisBloom module provides four data structures: a scalable Bloom filter, a cuckoo filter, a count-min sketch, and a top-k. These data structures trade perfect accuracy for extreme memory efficiency, so they're especially useful for big data and streaming applications.

Bloom and cuckoo filters are used to determine, with a high degree of certainty, whether an element is a member of a set.

A count-min sketch is generally used to determine the frequency of events in a stream. You can query the count-min sketch get an estimate of the frequency of any given event.

A top-k maintains a list of k most frequently seen items.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Launch RedisBloom with Docker
  2. Use RedisBloom with redis-cli

Note: You can also build and load the module yourself.

1. Launch RedisBloom with Docker

docker run -p 6379:6379 --name redis-redisbloom redislabs/rebloom:latest

2. Use RedisBloom with redis-cli

docker exec -it redis-redisbloom bash

# redis-cli

Create a new bloom filter by adding a new item:

#> BF.ADD newFilter foo
(integer) 1

Find out whether an item exists in the filter:

#> BF.EXISTS newFilter foo
(integer) 1

In this case, 1 means that the foo is most likely in the set represented by newFilter. But recall that false positives are possible with Bloom filters.

#> BF.EXISTS newFilter bar
(integer) 0

A value 0 means that bar is definitely not in the set. Bloom filters do not allow for false negatives.

Building and Loading RedisBloom

To build RedisBloom, ensure you have the proper submodules, and afterwards run make in the project's directory.

git submodule update --init --recursive

If the build is successful, you'll have a shared library called

To load the library, pass its path to the loadmodule directive when starting redis-server:

$ redis-server --loadmodule /path/to/

Client libraries

Project Language License Author URL
redisbloom-py Python BSD Redis Labs GitHub
JReBloom Java BSD Redis Labs GitHub
redisbloom-go Go BSD Redis Labs GitHub
rebloom JavaScript MIT Albert Team GitHub
phpredis-bloom PHP MIT Rafa Campoy GitHub
phpRebloom PHP MIT Alessandro Balasco GitHub
StackExchange.Redis (extensions) .NET MIT StackExchange GitHub
redis-modules-sdk TypeScript BSD-3-Clause Dani Tseitlin GitHub
redis-modules-java Java Apache License 2.0 dengliming GitHub


Documentation and full command reference at

Mailing List / Forum

Got questions? Feel free to ask at the RedisBloom mailing list.


RedisBloom is licensed under the Redis Source Available License Agreement