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logo Redis Insight - Developer GUI for Redis, by Redis.

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Redis Insight is a visual tool that provides capabilities to design, develop, and optimize your Redis application. Query, analyse and interact with your Redis data. Download it here!

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Built with love using Electron, Monaco Editor and NodeJS.


Redis Insight is an intuitive and efficient GUI for Redis, allowing you to interact with your databases and manage your data—with built-in support for Redis modules.

Redis Insight Highlights:

  • Browse, filter, visualise your key-value Redis data structures and see key values in different formats (including JSON, Hex, ASCII, etc.)
  • CRUD support for lists, hashes, strings, sets, sorted sets, and streams
  • CRUD support for JSON data structure
  • Interactive tutorials to learn easily, among other things, how to leverage the native JSON data structure supporting structured querying and full-text search, including vector similarity search for your AI use cases
  • Contextualised recommendations to optimize performance and memory usage. The list of recommendations gets updated as you interact with your database
  • Profiler - analyze every command sent to Redis in real-time
  • SlowLog - analyze slow operations in Redis instances based on the Slowlog command
  • Pub/Sub - support for Redis pub/sub, enabling subscription to channels and posting messages to channels
  • Bulk actions - Delete the keys in bulk based on the filters set in Browser or Tree view
  • Workbench - advanced command line interface with intelligent command auto-complete, complex data visualizations and support for the raw mode
  • Command auto-complete support for search and query capability, JSON and time series data structures
  • Visualizations of your search and query indexes and results.
  • Ability to build your own data visualization plugins
  • Officially supported for Redis OSS, Redis Cloud. Works with Microsoft Azure Cache for Redis

Check out the release notes.

Get started with Redis Insight

This repository includes the code for Redis Insight. Check out the blogpost announcing it.


Available to download for free from here. Redis Insight is also available on Microsoft Store, Apple Store, Snapcraft, Flathub and Docker.


Alternatively you can also build from source. See our wiki for instructions.

How to debug

If you have any issues occurring in Redis Insight, you can follow the steps below to get more information about the errors and find their root cause.


Redis Insight Plugins

With Redis Insight you can now also extend the core functionality by building your own data visualizations. See our wiki for more information.


If you would like to contribute to the code base or fix and issue, please consult the wiki.


Redis Insight includes an opt-in telemetry system, that is leveraged to help improve the developer experience (DX) within the app. We value your privacy, so stay assured, that all the data collected is anonymised.


Redis Insight is licensed under SSPL license.