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RedisJSON - a JSON data type for Redis
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RedisJSON - a JSON data type for Redis

RedisJSON is a Redis module that implements ECMA-404 The JSON Data Interchange Standard as a native data type. It allows storing, updating and fetching JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

Primary features:

  • Full support of the JSON standard
  • JSONPath-like syntax for selecting element inside documents
  • Documents are stored as binary data in a tree structure, allowing fast access to sub-elements
  • Typed atomic operations for all JSON values types


  1. Launch RedisJSON with Docker
  2. Use RedisJSON from any Redis client, e.g.:

RedisJSON with redis-cli


Read the docs at

Current limitations and known issues

  • Searching for object keys is O(N)
  • Containers are not scaled down after deleting items (i.e. free memory isn't reclaimed)
  • Numbers are stored using 64-bit integers or doubles, and out of range values are not accepted


RedisJSON is developed with <3 at Redis Labs.

RedisJSON is made possible only because of the existance of these amazing open source projects:


Redis Source Available License Agreement - see LICENSE

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