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RedisJSON is a Redis module that implements ECMA-404 The JSON Data Interchange Standard as a native data type. It allows storing, updating and fetching JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

Primary features

  • Full support of the JSON standard
  • JSONPath syntax for selecting elements inside documents
  • Documents are stored as binary data in a tree structure, allowing fast access to sub-elements
  • Typed atomic operations for all JSON values types
  • Secondary index support when combined with RediSearch

Quick start

docker run -p 6379:6379 --name redis-stack redis/redis-stack:latest


Read the docs at

How do I Redis?

Learn for free at Redis University

Build faster with the Redis Launchpad

Try the Redis Cloud

Dive in developer tutorials

Join the Redis community

Work at Redis


Make sure you have Rust installed:

Then, build as usual:

cargo build --release

When running the tests, you need to explicitly specify the test feature to disable use of the Redis memory allocator when testing:

cargo test

If you forget to do this, you'll see an error mentioning signal: 4, SIGILL: illegal instruction.



redis-server --loadmodule ./target/release/

Mac OS

redis-server --loadmodule ./target/release/librejson.dylib

Client libraries

Official clients

NRedisStack Jedis node-redis redis-py
Redis.OM Redis OM Spring redis-om-node redis-om

Community supported clients

Project Language License Author Stars Package Comment
Redisson Java Apache-2.0 Redisson Redisson-stars Maven
redis-modules-java Java Apache-2.0 Liming Deng @dengliming redis-modules-java-stars maven
ioredis-rejson Node.js MIT Felipe Schulz @schulzf ioredis-rejson-stars npm
go-rejson Go MIT Nitish Malhotra @nitishm go-rejson-stars
rejonson Go Apache-2.0 Daniel Krom @KromDaniel rejonson-stars
rueidis Go Apache-2.0 Rueian @rueian rueidis-stars
NReJSON .NET MIT/Apache-2.0 Tommy Hanks @tombatron NReJSON-stars nuget
phpredis-json PHP MIT Rafa Campoy @averias phpredis-json-stars composer
redislabs-rejson PHP MIT Mehmet Korkmaz @mkorkmaz redislabs-rejson-stars composer
rejson-rb Ruby MIT Pavan Vachhani @vachhanihpavan rejson-rb-stars rubygems
rustis Rust MIT Dahomey Technologies rustis-stars crate Documentation
coredis Python MIT Ali-Akber Saifee @alisaifee coredis-stars pypi Documentation


RedisJSON is developed with <3 at Redis Labs.

RedisJSON is made possible only because of the existence of this amazing open source project:


RedisJSON is licensed under the Redis Source Available License 2.0 (RSALv2) or the Server Side Public License v1 (SSPLv1).