Python script for populating a memcahed sever from GarantiaData exported CSV files.
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#Redis Labs (formerly Garantia Data) CSV memcached populator This utility populates a memcached server from the keys, values and metadata available in Redis Labs exported CSV files.

#CSV file format Each row in the CSV represents a single key-value pair. The CSV has 4 columns in the following order:

  1. Key - C style encoded string
  2. Value - C style encoded string
  3. Flags - the memcached flags value for this key - a hexadecimal integer.
  4. Expiry time - either 0 for no expiry or the unixtime expiry value - an unsigned decimal integer.

Example of a line in the CSV:

key_name,some text including some binary data:\xff\x00,1F,292161600

Note that if the key or value include any commas, forward slashes or non printable chars they need to be escaped. alpha