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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import redis
import argparse
import urlparse
import time
import os
import curses
import signal
def fail(msg):
print >> sys.stderr, msg
def redisHost(r):
return r.connection_pool.connection_kwargs['host']
def redisPort(r):
return r.connection_pool.connection_kwargs['port']
def redisPassword(r):
return r.connection_pool.connection_kwargs['password']
def getRedisList(urls):
res = []
for srcUrl in urls:
url = urlparse.urlparse(srcUrl)
if not url.scheme:
srcUrl = 'redis://' + srcUrl
url = urlparse.urlparse(srcUrl)
if url.scheme != 'redis':
fail('Invalid scheme %s for %s, aborting'%(url.scheme,srcUrl))
r = redis.Redis(host=url.hostname, port=(url.port if url.port else 6379), password=url.password)
ver =['redis_version']
r.ver = ver
except redis.ConnectionError as e:
fail('Failed connecting (%s) to %s, aborting'%(e,srcUrl))
return res
def writeLn(y, x, txt, attr=0):
stdscr.addstr(txt, attr)
def checkInput():
c = stdscr.getch()
if c < 0 or c > 255:
return None
c = chr(c).lower()
if c == 'q':
return c
def compareVersion(va, vb):
for vaPart,vbPart in zip([int(x) for x in va.split('.')], [int(x) for x in vb.split('.')]):
if vaPart > vbPart:
return 1
elif vaPart < vbPart:
return -1
return 0
def signalWinch(signum, frame):
def valOrNA(x):
return x if x != None else 'N/A'
def bytesToStr(bytes):
if bytes < 1024:
return '%dB'%bytes
if bytes < 1024*1024:
return '%dKB'%(bytes/1024)
if bytes < 1024*1024*1024:
return '%dMB'%(bytes/(1024*1024))
return '%dGB'%(bytes/(1024*1024*1024))
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Interactively migrate a bunch of redis servers to another bunch of redis servers.')
parser.add_argument('--src', metavar='src_url', nargs='+', required=True, help='list of source redises to sync from')
parser.add_argument('--dst', metavar='dst_url', nargs='+', required=True, help='list of destination redises to sync to')
args = parser.parse_args()
if len(args.src) != len(args.dst):
fail('Number of sources must match number of destinations')
srcs = getRedisList(args.src)
dsts = getRedisList(args.dst)
stdscr = curses.initscr()
signal.signal(signal.SIGWINCH, signalWinch)
# Get aggregate sizes from sources
keys = None
mem = 0
for r in srcs:
info =
mem += info['used_memory']
if compareVersion(r.ver, '2.6') >= 0:
ks ='keyspace')
if keys == None:
keys = 0
for db in ks:
keys += ks[db]['keys']
writeLn(0, 0, 'Syncing %.2fMB and %s keys from %d redises'%(float(mem)/(1024*1024), valOrNA(keys), len(srcs)))
writeLn(1, 0, 'q - Quit, s - Start', curses.A_BOLD)
while checkInput() != 's':
writeLn(1, 0, 'q - Quit', curses.A_BOLD)
# Start replication from all slaves
for sr,dr in zip(srcs,dsts):
if compareVersion(dr.ver, '2.6') >= 0:
dr.config_set('slave-read-only', 'yes')
drAuth = dr.config_get('masterauth')['masterauth']
if redisPassword(sr) != drAuth: # Avoid setting the master auth if not required since on redis 2.2 theres no way to set a null password
dr.config_set('masterauth', redisPassword(sr) or '')
dr.slaveof(redisHost(sr), redisPort(sr))
# Wait for dsts to be in sync
while True:
synced = 0
y = 2
for dr,sr in zip(dsts,srcs):
y += 1
info =
if info['role'] != 'slave':
writeLn(y, 1, 'Error: dest %s:%s configured as %s'%(redisHost(dr), redisPort(dr), info['role']))
writeLn(y, 1, '%s:%s ==> %s:%s - link status: %s, sync in progress: %s, %s left, used memory %.2fMB'%(redisHost(sr), redisPort(sr), redisHost(dr), redisPort(dr), info['master_link_status'], 'yes' if info['master_sync_in_progress'] else 'no', bytesToStr(info.get('master_sync_left_bytes', 0)), float(info['used_memory'])/(1024*1024)))
if info['master_link_status'] == 'up':
synced += 1
if synced == len(dsts):
writeLn(3, 1, 'Replication links are up, wait for master replication buffers to flush before disconnecting from sources')
writeLn(1, 0, 'q - Quit, e - Enable writes on destinations', curses.A_BOLD)
# Wait for master client buffers to flush
while True:
y = 5
for dr,sr in zip(dsts,srcs):
maxOutBuff = None
maxOutBuffCommands = None
if compareVersion(sr.ver, '2.4') >= 0:
slaves = [client for client in sr.client_list() if 'S' in client['flags']]
if compareVersion(sr.ver, '2.6') >= 0:
maxOutBuff = max([int(slave['omem']) for slave in slaves])
maxOutBuffCommands = max([(1 if int(slave['obl']) > 0 else 0) + int(slave['oll']) for slave in slaves])
readonly = dr.config_get('slave-read-only').get('slave-read-only') if compareVersion(dr.ver, '2.6') >= 0 else 'N/A'
writeLn(y, 1, '%s:%s ==> %s:%s: replication buf size %s, replication buf commands: %s, dst readonly: %s '%(redisHost(sr), redisPort(sr), redisHost(dr), redisPort(dr), bytesToStr(maxOutBuff) if maxOutBuff != None else 'N/A', valOrNA(maxOutBuffCommands), readonly))
y += 1
c = checkInput()
if c == 'e':
for dr in dsts:
if compareVersion(dr.ver, '2.6') >= 0:
dr.config_set('slave-read-only', 'no')
writeLn(3, 1, 'Replication links are up and writes enabled on destinations, wait for master replication buffers to flush before disconnecting from sources')
writeLn(1, 0, 'q - quit, e - Enable writes on destinations, m - Make destinations masters and quit', curses.A_BOLD)
if c == 'm':
for dr in dsts:
if compareVersion(dr.ver, '2.6') >= 0:
dr.config_set('slave-read-only', 'no')
if dr.config_get('masterauth')['masterauth']: # Avoid zeroing the master auth if not required, becaues of bug in v2.2 where you can put a null value in the mastaer auth
dr.config_set('masterauth', '')