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Fix config loading from snapshots on startup.
This fixes an issue with loading of node configuration from snapshot to
the Raft library, when RedisRaft re-starts and loads from snapshot.

Due to missing initalization, the Raft library remained in a state where
the loaded configuration was *working*, but an attempt to re-create a
"2nd generation" snapshot from it resulted with missing nodes.

This may have been obscured by #33, as well as by the fact that
additional node membership operations, if done before a snapshot is
taken, would correct this state.

Seems to be the root cause for #44.
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yossigo committed May 8, 2020
1 parent b9ee410 commit 51c1b782493512533d7f8d277c95531023d68b95
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Showing 5 changed files with 76 additions and 0 deletions.
5 raft.c
@@ -984,7 +984,12 @@ static void configureFromSnapshot(RedisRaftCtx *rr)
c->id, c->, c->addr.port, c->active, c->voting);

/* Load configuration loaded from the snapshot into Raft library.
raft_set_snapshot_metadata(rr->raft, rr->snapshot_info.last_applied_term,

RRStatus RedisRaftInit(RedisModuleCtx *ctx, RedisRaftCtx *rr, RedisRaftConfig *config)
@@ -498,6 +498,18 @@ void handleLoadSnapshot(RedisRaftCtx *rr, RaftReq *req)

/* Recreate the snapshot key in keyspace, to be sure we'll get a chance to
* serialize it into the RDB file when it is saved.
* Note: this is just a precaution, because the snapshot we load should contain
* the meta-key anyway so we should be safe either way.
* Future improvement: consider using hooks to automatically handle this. It
* won't be just cleaner, but also be fool-proof in case someone decides to
* manually dump an RDB file etc.

RedisModule_ReplyWithLongLong(req->ctx, 1);

File renamed without changes.
@@ -176,3 +176,28 @@ def test_proxy_stability_under_load(cluster, workload):
last_commit_index = new_commit_index


def test_stability_with_snapshots_and_restarts(cluster, workload):
Test stability of the cluster with frequent snapshoting.

thread_count = 100
duration = 300

cluster.create(5, raft_args={'follower-proxy': 'yes',
'raftize-all-commands': 'yes',
'raft-log-max-file-size': '2000'})

workload.start(thread_count, cluster, MultiWithLargeReply)

# Monitor progress
start = time.time()
last_commit_index = 0
while start + duration > time.time():

@@ -309,3 +309,37 @@ def test_loading_log_tail_after_rewrite(cluster):
# Log contains last 3 entries
# Snapshot has first 3 entries
assert r1.client.get('testkey') == b'6'

def test_config_from_second_generation_snapshot(cluster):
A regression test for #44: confirm that if we load a snapshot
on startup, do nothing, then re-create a snapshot we don't end
up with a messed up nodes config.

# Bump the log a bit
for _ in range(20):
assert cluster.raft_exec('INCR', 'testkey')

# Compact to get rid of logs
node3 = cluster.node(3)
assert node3.client.execute_command('RAFT.DEBUG', 'COMPACT') == b'OK'

# Restart node

# Bump the log a bit
for _ in range(20):
assert cluster.raft_exec('INCR', 'testkey')

# Recompact
assert node3.client.execute_command('RAFT.DEBUG', 'COMPACT') == b'OK'


assert node3.raft_info()['num_nodes'] == 3

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