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Redis Password Module

This module provides a simple and secure way to store passwords in Redis and later verify them. The passwords are stored as one-way cryptographic hashes using the bcrypt library, so they cannot be retrieved but only compared against.

Quick start guide

  1. Build a Redis server with support for modules.
  2. Build the password module: make
  3. To load the module, Start Redis with the --loadmodule /path/to/ option, add it as a directive to the configuration file or send a MODULE LOAD command.


password.set key password

Works like the standard Redis SET command, but stores the hashed password instead of the clear text password.

password.check key password

Verifies the supplied password against the previously stored password. Returns: 0 if passwords do not match, or 1 if they match.

password.hset key field password

Works like password.set, but stores the hashed password in a Hash field rather than a String field.

password.hcheck key field password

Works like password.check, but uses a password stored by password.hset in a Hash field.


  • The module uses the C library crypt() function with a special salt value that causes modern Linux systems to use SHA512. Very old or non-Linux libraries may revert to the less secure version of crypt() which is cryptographically weak.

  • These commands are marked hidden so they do not show up in the MONITOR feed, to protect sensitive information.

  • The command stream that feeds slaves and AOF will only include the hashed version of stored passwords.


Issue reports, pull and feature requests are welcome.