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A really cool reddit client :)
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This is the official Reditr repo. Current state of the project is unfinished, we are starting from scratch using more modern technologies. Bonus is we're going Open Source!

This app (live self updating preview of master):

Our Website & Current App:

Dev Instructions

  1. Get NPM
  2. cd to directory
  3. Run yarn install
  4. Run yarn start and keep this running as you develop
  5. The app is now running in dev mode and you can open http://localhost:3000 in your browser
  6. You are ready to dev!

GNU License

Reditr is free and open. We work on Reditr completely for fun and so we're developing it under the GNU General Public License. To read the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE under which our software abides by, please see the file LICENSE.

Colour Guide

Color palette

Color palette:

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