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Disallow commands while adding a new shop or item.
Add available shop names to display when a new item is being added - assists with not having to remember what your target shop name is.
Red Admin roles are a list nowadays - fix for #249

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Jumper Cogs
Jumper Plugins

A set of plugins for Red Discord-Bot by Redjumpman



The plugins in this repo are exclusively for Red Bot. Most of these cogs are designed around giving your bot a pseudo-gaming experience to help promote your discord community. Please read over the installation instructions and documenatation for more information on how to use these cogs.


First make sure you have Red Bot V3 installed.

Next add my repo using the following command:

[p]repo add jumperplugins V3

[p] will be your prefix.

Then, you will have to download each cog individually. For example, if you want to download Casino, you would enter the following command:

>cog install jumperplugins casino

Make sure that you use the [p]cog update command to periodically update my plugins. This will ensure that you are getting the latest bug fixes and features. You may also update a specific cog by typing [p]cog update casino.


Casino Heist Pokedex Shop Race
Casino Heist Pokedex Shop Race
Anime List Cookie Russian Roulette Raffle Jisho
AnimeList Cookie RussianRoulette Raffle Jisho
DiceTable Coupon
DiceTable Coupon


If you have an issue with one of my plugins, then create an issue. DO NOT DM ME ON DISCORD. I get a ton of DMs and I can't manage to answer all of them. Posting an issue will be the fastest way for me to resolve your problem. If you have questions about a particular cog feel free to talk to me via my support channel. I receive notifications for that channel and will respond as soon as I am able.

If you wish to support this project click on the paypal shield at the top. Thank you so much in advance!! I don't recieve any sort of paypal notifications at the moment, so feel free to send me a DM.


jonnyli1125 for allowing me to adapt his jisho plugin into the Jisho Cog.

A special thanks to a few outstanding members of my unofficial test flight: Aikaterna, Claire, ASSASSIN0831, and Yukirin.

Also I want to thank everyone in the Red bot community who uses my plugins. Without you guys I would have never continued making these plugins!


Python Modules for Discord bot




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