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Tool for generation samples based on OpenAPI payload/response schema


  • Deterministic (given a particular input, will always produce the same output)
  • Supports compound keywords: allOf, oneOf, anyOf, if/then/else
  • Supports additionalProperties
  • Uses const, examples, enum and default where possible - in this order
  • Good array support: supports contains, minItems, maxItems, and tuples (items as an array)
  • Supports minLength, maxLength, min, max, exclusiveMinimum, exclusiveMaximum
  • Supports the following string formats:
    • email
    • idn-email
    • password
    • date-time
    • date
    • time
    • ipv4
    • ipv6
    • hostname
    • idn-hostname
    • uri
    • uri-reference
    • uri-template
    • iri
    • iri-reference
    • uuid
    • json-pointer
    • relative-json-pointer
    • regex
  • Infers schema type automatically following same rules as json-schema-faker
  • Support for $ref resolving
  • Has basic supports for JSON Schema draft 7 (thanks to @P0lip from @stoplightio for contributing)


Install using npm

npm install openapi-sampler --save

or using yarn

yarn add openapi-sampler

Then require it in your code:

var OpenAPISampler = require('openapi-sampler');


OpenAPISampler.sample(schema, [options], [spec])

  • schema (required) - object An OpenAPI Schema Object or a JSON Schema Draft 7 document.
  • options (optional) - object Available options:
    • skipNonRequired - boolean Don't include non-required object properties not specified in required property of the schema object
    • skipReadOnly - boolean Don't include readOnly object properties
    • skipWriteOnly - boolean Don't include writeOnly object properties
    • quiet - boolean Don't log console warning messages
  • spec - whole specification where the schema is taken from. Required only when schema may contain $ref. spec must not contain any external references


const OpenAPISampler = require('.');
  type: 'object',
  properties: {
    a: {type: 'integer', minimum: 10},
    b: {type: 'string', format: 'password', minLength: 10},
    c: {type: 'boolean', readOnly: true}
}, {skipReadOnly: true});
// { a: 10, b: 'pa$$word_q' }