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NOTE This project has been donated to camel-extras where it is called camel-jcifs This code is only still here to maintain support for users that use the redpill_linpro package names.

Camel SMB Component

This project is a Samba Camel component build on top of JCIFS (

It was originally developed by Redpill Linpro AB and Helsingborgs stad as part of a integration project.

This component is licensed under the LGPL (

The unit testing is done by mocking out the jcifs library to be able to run automaticly.

There are some manuell integration tests (src/integrationtest) that are meant to be run with a a local CIFS server (Samba or MS Windows share). To run these copy camelsmb.prp.template to your home directory, rename it to camelsmb.prp" and edit to include correct details.

Travis CI : Build Status


Martin Samuelsson [martin AT martsam DOT se]
Pontus Ullgren [ullgren gmail com]
Shaun Elliott