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Vector/matrix math and other basic utilities.


  • #include <util.h> for everything
    • Or, #include <util-basics.h> for just the stuff in the "Basics" section below
  • Link with util.lib, or just add util.vcxproj to your solution and reference it


  • dim(), dim_field()—size of static arrays
  • sizeof_field()—size of a struct member
  • cassert()—compile-time assert (like static_assert but no separate error message)
  • uint, byte, sized integer types i8, u8 through i64, u64
  • Float constants: pi, epsilon = 1e-6f, infinity, NaN
  • Generic swap, min, max, clamp, saturate, lerp, square
  • Float utilities: isnear (comparisons with epsilon), isfinite, exp2f, log2f
  • Integer utilities: round, modPositive, various power-of-2-related utilities
  • offset()—do byte arithmetic on a pointer of any type
  • exit("error message", ...)—printf a message to stderr, and exit with a nonzero code
  • LoadFile()—just slurp an entire file into memory
  • tokenize()—in-place destructive tokenization, à la strtok but stateless
  • makeLowercase()—lowercase a string in-place
  • TextParsingHelper—help parse a text file into lines and tokens, and issue warnings for syntax errors
  • SerializeHelper, DeserializeHelper—help read/write common types from a byte stream
  • Logging—to a file and/or a callback
  • Asserts, checks, errors, and warnings—with log messages, callbacks, and debugbreaks

Math, based on design principles from On Vector Math Libraries:

  • Vectors and matrices in any number of dimensions
  • Construction of common transformations
  • Functionality for working with affine transformations stored as homogeneous matrices
  • Boxes in any number of dimensions
  • Quaternions
  • Color space conversions
  • SIMD math using AOSOA (not well tested)
  • Half-float from OpenEXR

Random number generation, from Quick and Easy GPU Random Numbers in D3D11 (although these are on the CPU):

  • Xorshift PRNG (simple, fast 32-bit PRNG)
  • Wang hash (simple, fast 32-bit hash for seeding Xorshift, etc.)

Todo list (in no particular order):

  • Error context stack
  • Allow choice of whether to break per individual error/warning/assert
  • Range structs (one-dimensional boxes)?
  • Ray/line/plane structs
  • Primitive intersection tests (e.g. box vs ray, box vs frustum, etc.)
  • Primitive clipping (e.g. line vs box, triangle vs box, etc.)
  • Splines
  • Spherical harmonics
  • Perlin noise
  • Quadratic equation solver
  • Convex hull solver
  • Matrix diagonalization and decomposition?
  • Complex numbers?
  • Projective math?
  • Grassmann algebra?
  • Dual numbers?
  • Filename/path manipulation, à la Python's os.path
  • Custom memory allocators with logging, leak detection, etc.
  • Threading-related stuff? Or does std::async provide enough support?
  • Cross-platform, cross-compiler support
  • Command-line parameter parsing
  • Basic UTF-8 string processing and conversion to/from UTF-16 for Windows
  • rigid transformation class, represented by quat and translation vector?
  • Infinite-far-plane and z-reversed projection matrices
  • Containers (arrays, hashtables, intrusive linked lists)
  • Allocators (linear allocator, stack allocator, tracked heap allocator?)


Vector/matrix math and other basic utilities.






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