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REEEMpathways tool
The REEEMpathways tool provides insights into the three pathways, which narrate three stories revolving around main trends which could emerge in the transition towards a low carbon EU society

import RenderCharts from '../src/RenderCharts' import energy1 from '../data/energy/energy1' import economy1 from '../data/economy/economy1' import health1 from '../data/health/health1' import vulnerability1 from '../data/vulnerability/vulnerability1' import lca1 from '../data/lca/lca1' import criticalmaterials1 from '../data/criticalmaterials/criticalmaterials1' import waternexus1 from '../data/waternexus/waternexus1'

This tool has been created as part of the REEEM project to provide insights into main trends which could emerge in the transition towards a low carbon EU society. One of the key outcomes of the project are three pathways, which can be seen in red, blue and green next to this content. If you select or de-select any of the pathways, the charts below update accordingly.

<RenderCharts config={{ energy1, economy1, health1, vulnerability1, lca1, criticalmaterials1, waternexus1, }} />

This tool aims to synthesise the work carried out in REEEM, to extract the main messages from the project activities and to point out the main impacts. It revolves around the main objective of the project, which is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the system-wide implications of energy strategies in support of transitions to a competitive low-carbon EU energy society. This tool constitutes an online version of the Final Integrated Impact Report. It embeds methodological discussions extensively taken under deliverable D1.1 - Report on pathway definition, and it summarises the findings of the studies presented in all other project deliverables (Case study reports, Focus reports and sectoral Policy Briefs).

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