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Range URL Chrome extension

Have you ever wanted to skip "paginator" in a web page and just go to the next pages with single click? Without scrolling whole page till the end and pressing 'Next page' button?

Well, it is possible now!

Install this plugin in Chrome (or Chromium?), open plugin window, place an asterix in URL part, and press 'Open next page'. When page loads, you can press the same button to navigate to the next page.

For example if you have an URL like this:

Then you should place an asterix where increasing number is, like:*/in/url/

After pressing 'Open next page' browser will redirect you to:

After next press:

I think you got an idea ;)


Originally created by Remigijus Jarmalavičius <remigijus(a)jarmalavicius(.)lt>

For icon thanks to: Ahmad Hania.