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Resusable home dotfiles. I already tested it on Gentoo, Debian, Ununtu, Fedora and MacOs. Yes, I am rich guy having Mac.
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Personal dotfiles

Reusable configuration files for geeks like me.

Already tested on Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian servers.

It also work on rich people computers having Macos.

Works out of the box. Or inside the box.

Does not have dependencies!


Get it into your home directory:

git clone --bare ~/.git
git config core.bare false
git checkout -f master


Poor man solution:

git ls-files | xargs rm -i
rm -rf .git

Why I do not use GNU STOW

I was. You can checkout cbe687c898d0ed02a18cb95eea6b1b2ad44550b9 and see how nice it works and how cool GNU STOW is.

Unfortunatelly, installing extra dependency in all the servers seems to be a bit too much. Specially, when you are not allowed to do this. Git is more common thing. Even if git (command) does not work you still can have dotfiles - from Github zipped file. With GNU STOW that would be impossible.

So that's why I reverted back my dotfiles to the version you can find here.

What you can find here

Fixed history for bpython.

Properly structured git configs without any fancy 3rdparty tools.

Python pip tool will cache stuff so repeated installs will go much faster.

Some very basic rst2pdf config with improved readability.

Automatic envs creating templates with tmuxinator for various projects.

Tons of configuration for vim including themes, plugins and etc. Be sure to install plugins with :PlugInstall.

Shared history between bash and zsh.

Nice theme for dreampie.

Support for nvim with symlinks. Yes, nvim is very nice!

Simple tmux configuration with nice theme.

GIT tool called tig for nice browsing of repos in terminal.

Hardcoded stuff

I was unable to make bootstrap from this, but it will be easy enough to fix it. Just check two files .gitconfig for name and e-mail and the same for .hgrc.


You are free to fork, modify and do amazing stuff. Please keep me in touch me with your improvements, I am always interested to see how this can be improved. Thanks.


This project has no bugs. But you can file requests or to discuss something.

You can leave a comment in:

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