Présentation de la gamme Fanta 2017 au sein d'un site animé et coloré
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Fanta Gamme 2017

A web project created for the Front-End class in 3rd grade at HETIC.

Online version here :


During our first semester of front-end class in 3rd grade of HETIC (hight studies in information and communication) we had to create the website of a company. we choosed to work on Fanta's product because we both loved their originality and the high potential of creativity between fanta's universe made of colors and fruits !

This project allowed us to apply all the things we learned in front-end class along the trimester !


In order to install this project on you computer, you need :


To install this project on your computer, follow these instructions :

$ cd your repository

$ git clone this project git's url

$ cd hetic-p2020-20

$ npm install :

Then, you can run the project in your browser or build the project.

Run project :

$ gulp run

features :
  • live reload
  • local server
  • notification
Build project :

$ gulp

Team members

Alison Heredia Project manager

Camille Pawlak Artistic director

Louis Ghodsi UI/UX designer

Nicolas Bernaux Lead developer

Simon Lucas Front-end developer

Meric Fournier Front-end developer and Git manager

Special Thanks to our teachers

Bastien Calou Front-end teacher

Johann Pinson Front-end teacher



We used the BEM ( block element modifier ) convention


We used the AirB&B JSlinter

Git commit convention

We used to add a gitmoji to all the commit we made in order to separate them and reconize them easily



  • autoprefixer
  • babel
  • buffer
  • browserify
  • browsersync
  • concat
  • connect
  • cssnano
  • draggable
  • imagemin
  • minify
  • notify
  • plumber
  • rename
  • sass
  • sugar
  • uglify
  • sourcemap


  • local server
  • ES6
  • Imagine Minimified
  • js minimified
  • SASS
  • Live reload


we use Netlify to deploy the website online