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==== Migrate.php Changelog (started as of v3.0) ====
v 4.0 - Oct 7, 2008
[*] errr... lots of fixes ;)
v 4.0 RC1 - May 25, 2008
[*] Fixed bug with old style version numbers
[*] Fixed bug where fkeys were trying to be created with auto_increment
[+] Can now specify whether to use Cake's UUID for the ID column within migration files. Example: "id: uuid"
[+] Can now pass "id: false" within migration file, and no ID column will be created.
[-] Deprecated "no_id: true" in favour of "id: false"
[*] ID column is now correctly set as Primary Key when using UUID type.
[+] Added support for MySQL specific table options (comments, engine/type, collate and charset)
v 4.0 Beta 1 - May 20, 2008
[+] Version numbers now use timestamps so as to minimize conflicts
[+] Now supports interleaved migrations;
when migrating up, will run migrations that have not yet been run, and will ignore any non-run migrations when running down.
[+] Added info option (cake migrate info), which shows information on migrations
[+] Can now specify version number when running up/down, thus allowing you to only run the up/down block of a specific migration
[+] Schema table name is now customizable
[+] Now supports PHP arrays in migration files
v 3.7 - Feb 28 2008
[*] Removed back ticks from table name when changing migration version, as they caused errors when using SQLITE.
[+] Now supports Cake's UUID columns
v 3.6 - Jan 30 2008
[+] added the ability to generate migrations based on existing DB tables.
Thanks and credit go to Daniel Vecchiato ( for his Yammy! shell.
[*] moved datasource definitions before DB is connected
[*] replaced Cake's alias up() function with PHP's strtoupper()
[+] added aliases for integer and boolean column types: int and bool
[+] added 'rename_field' action
[+] added 'rename_table' action
v 3.5 - Oct 23 2007
[+] new column type (fkey) added. Example:
type: fkey # creates column 'type_id' as integer and with an index
[+] added sample YAML when generating
[+] can now generate a create_table migration file automatically by running 'cake migrate generate create table_name'
[+] can now create migration file for the Cake sessions table. Just run "cake migrate generate sessions".
[+] added 'gen' and 'g' method aliases for 'generate'
[*] now works with CakePHP 1.2 Pre-Beta
v 3.4 - Aug 5 2007
[*] fixed bug in 'all' command which was not migrating up in the correct order
[*] fixed and refactored 'add_columns' migration code
[*] fixed 'alter_column' migration code (it now works!)
[+] can now rename fields as part of the 'alter_column' migration instructions. Simply specify 'new_name: the_new_name_of_the_field'
[+] can now migrate to a specific version by simply appending the version number to the 'cake migrate' command
[-] deprecated '-v' switch, and 'version' and 'v' methods as ways of specifying the version
v 3.3 - Jul 29 2007
[*] a little cleanup and refactoring, including more detailed and friendly output
[*] added more comments and documentation
[+] migration file numbering now uses three digits starting from 001
[+] added new 'version' and 'v' method as an alternative to the '-v' switch
[+] can now generate migration files as generator shell is now deprecated.
[+] can now run all migrations from the current version down, up to the latest version
[+] can now use shortened YAML when specifying column properties
name: [string, 32, not_null] # will create a string(varchar) column with length 32 and not null
no_dates: true # no date columns will be created
v 3.2
[+] refactored (again!) to work with the new Cake console
[+] default type is now 'string', which means that a 'text(255)' column can be created without specifying the type
[+] can now specify 'fkey' or 'fkeys' as a column name, then passing one or more foreign key names
fkey: user # an integer column will be created called 'user_id'
fkeys: [user, group] # two integer columns will be created called 'user_id' and 'group_id'
v 3.1
[+] can now parse and run PHP code within migration files
[+] added string type. any column with a type of 'string' without a length set will default to varchar(255)
[+] automatically detects any column name ending with '_id' as an integer
v 3.0
[+] refactored as a bake2 task compatible with CakePHP 1.2
==== Fixtures.php Changelog (started as of v3.0) ====
v 3.5 - Feb 28 2008
[+] Fixtures can now be named, and referenced in foreign keys
[+] If 'created' column exists in model, and it is not referenced in fixture, then the current datetime will automatically be entered.
[+] Now supports Cake's UUID columns
[*] Fixed instantiation of fixture helpers.
v 3.4 - Jan 30 2008
[+] Introduced Fixture Helpers.
[*] moved datasource definitions before DB is connected
[+] added 'g' alias for 'generate' method
v 3.3
[+] can now generate fixture files as generator shell is now deprecated.
[+] added 'f' method allowing you tin specify which fixture files you want to run
[*] fixed bug that interpreted '0' as NOW
v 3.2
[+] refactored (again!) to work wth the new Cake console
[+] options/variables no longer have to be passed as part of the command. You will be prompted if they are missing.
v 3.1
[+] can now parse and run PHP code within migration files
[+] specifying 'all' instead of the table name will run all defined fixtures
v 3.0
[+] refactored as a bake2 task compatible with CakePHP 1.2