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1. Simply copy this directory into your application's plugins directory.
2. You will need to ensure that Pear ( is installed on the machine that you
are developing on, and that you have installed the MDB2 (
Pear package.
3. If you haven't already done so, or have not used any of the Cake console shells, you will
need to setup the Cake console on your machine. Please watch the relative screencast for
your OS at
4. Now just open up your console or terminal program and cd into your Cake app root.
5. Now enter the following in your console: (don't type the $ sign)
$ cake
This will list all the shells that are installed and ready to run. If you installed everything
correctly, then 'migrate' and 'fixtures' will be listed.
6. Type in this:
$ cake migrate help
This will display the help and usage instructions.
7. To generate your first migration file, run this:
$ cake migrate generate my_first_migration
Then edit the file it generates after which you can migrate:
$ cake migrate
Please check out the examples directory within this package.
Updates, new releases and other resources can be found at
For further assistance and additional resources, please check out my Blog at