The RedMew scenario code for Factorio.
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RedMew is a Factorio community that hosts custom servers, maps in different shapes and sizes, scripted scenarios and modded servers. The majority of the games hosted, are available to the public, for all players, no matter how experienced and can be found in the Factorio multi-player lobby.

The Community

You can join the RedMew community on Discord by visiting

To join a RedMew Factorio server, follow the following steps in Factorio:

  • From the main menu, press "Play"
  • In the next window press "Multiplayer"
  • Next select "Browse public games" (this requires a factorio account and may prompt you to log in)
  • In the list of "Browse games" you can filter for "RedMew" and you will see all RedMew hosted maps

Note: Not every server in this list will be official. If you're in doubt, join Discord and ask.


Looking for a way to play a RedMew scenario yourself? Check out our wiki!.


If you wish to contribute, don't hesitate to make a Pull Request or open an issue. When in doubt, you can always ask on Discord.


The RedMew codebase is licensed under the GPL3 License.