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Installing and Using the RedMew Scenario

All scenarios are installed the same, but some have special instructions before you play them.

Check the sidebar for a specific map guides.

Step 0

Please make sure you are in the factorio experimental branch, i.e. 0.17.X. Loading our 0.17 scenario in 0.16.51 will cause issues due to changes in the codebase since 0.16. If you are unable to update your factorio version to 0.17, we have an 0.16 version of the scenario in our releases, however any issues you encounter in the 0.16 version have limited or no support.

Step 1 - Download

To install the RedMew scenario download the release file for the map that you want to play (if the map you want doesn't have a distinct .zip, download and take the next step based on your Operating System.

Step 2 - Extract

  • Windows: extract the folder in the zip file into %appdata%\Factorio\Scenarios\
  • MacOS: extract the folder in the zip file into ~/Library/Application Support/factorio/Scenarios/
  • Linux: extract the folder in the zip file into ~/.factorio/scenarios/

Note1: If you already have a folder with the same name as what you're about to install, delete the old folder first.

Note2: these locations are based on the default configuration defined by factorio. If your installation is not default, you have to find your scenarios directory in another way.

Note3: Please make sure you keep the file structure intact, and not one level too deep! This means once you unzip (if zipped when downloaded), it should look like \Factorio\Scenarios\RedMew\scenario files\, with "RedMew" being the name of the scenario you downloaded (i.e. "Crashsite" if you chose Crash Site from the releases, "Diggy" if you chose Diggy, or "RedMew" if you chose the entire scenario)

If you are using the RedMew scenario for a public-facing multi-player server, be sure to provide attribution back to github and keep links to the Discord, Patreon and website intact.

If you downloaded this next step applies to you. If you downloaded a .zip file for a specific map this next step does not apply.

Step 3 - Select map

Edit map_selection.lua to the map of your choice. You can find all our maps in the map_gen/maps folder.
You can find previews of many maps in map_gen/data/.map_previews.

Step 4 - Customize

You can turn features on or off via config.lua if desired.

Step 5 - Play

In Factorio click "Play" then "Scenarios", then under "User Scenarios" select "RedMew" or the specific map you downloaded and click "Create".

Note: Nightly releases can sometimes be non-functional. If this is the case, either download the previous night's version or inquire on discord about the latest stable release.

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