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Rules of the Game

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Welcome to World of Mechmania, this game is heavily inspired from World of Warcraft 3v3 Arenas. If you don't know what that is, do not fret!

Overview of the Game

Your team of 3 characters (Warrior, Archer, Wizard, etc.) will be teaming up to kill another team of 3 characters. Your team must define a strategy using Move, Attack, or Cast in order to defeat the other team.

The Map

The map is a 5x5 grid with 4 pillars as seen below.

Character Stats

Each character has the following stats and what they represent:

  • Health - Same as any game ever!
  • Damage - This is the amount of damage done when using Attack
  • SpellPower - Increases the damage, healing of any Cast
  • AttackRange - Attack Range, 0 is melee,
  • Armor - Damage removed from Attacks
  • MovementSpeed - How many grids spaces can you move in one turn
  • Stunned - If true, Unable to do any action
  • Silenced - If true, Unable to cast spells and interrupts current spell cast
  • Rooted - If true, Unable to move

How Character Actions Work!

Please See Communicating with the Game Server for specific info on how to write the actions

  • Move - Character will move towards (for as much movement speed they have) a position or a target.
  • Attack - Character will attempt to attack another character. Must be not stunned and in range.
  • Cast - Character will attempt to cast a spell. Must be neither stunned or silenced and in range.

How Abilities work!

Abilities are merely just modification to character attributes, for more detail read src/game/

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