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Slack bot that can be extended with listners.

Yobot is an extensible slack bot. You can add listeners that define a regex in order to handle real time events on a slack channel.

Settting SLACK_BOT_TOKEN env variable and running cargo run will get you a bot, just invite the bot to the channels you want on slack and start the fun.


Listeners provide a Regex which the main loop uses to check whether the listener is interested. If the regex matches, handle is called on the handler with the Message and RtmClient. The listener can then do some work and use the client to send its response.

Note that a panic on a listener (or a crash) will crash the entire client.

Implementing a MessageListener enables responding to slack::Messages. There are currently very few requirements to creating a handler. The handle function receives a slack::Message and a slack::RtmClient. The listener is responsible for testing whether it's interested in replying by defining a regular expression on re Optionally call cli.send_message to send a response.


A simple echo handler might look something like the following:

use regex::Regex;
use yobot::listener::{MessageListener, Message};

pub struct EchoListener {
    regex: Regex

impl EchoListener {
    pub fn new() -> EchoListener {
        EchoListener {
            regex: Regex::new(r".").unwrap()

impl MessageListener for EchoListener {
    fn help(&self) -> &str {

    fn re(&self) -> &Regex {

    fn handle(&self, message: &Message, cli: &slack::RtmClient) {
        let _ = cli.send_message(&, &message.text);


Yobot is the main struct of the bot. Add a bunch of listeners and you call connect to connect the real time API and start listening for messages.


use yobot::Yobot;

let yobot = Yobot::new();