is a mobile friendly app for newcomers to find freelance work
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is a tool for newcomers to find freelance work

Our program is online and for free. It empowers people with an entrepreneurial spirit to kickstart their self employment, develop their skills and get paid for it.

It includes:

  • bootstrapping a new self employed existance by creating a business plan starting from just an idea
  • supporting them with free consulting (online & offline) to help with all the bureaucracy and legal oblications, like "open a bank account", "register for a taxnumber", "do accounting and annual tax returns", etc...
  • helping them to start their operations, which includes finding customers and partners to make their self employment sustainable

To help newcomers become successful freelancer/solopreneur, we also created a Wizard Amigos e-school for programming and meetups, where learners can meet with other learners and more experience developers (see [Coding Amigos] (



$ clone

$ bundle install

$ rake db:create

$ rake db:migrate

$ npm install stylus, jeet, rupture

#run console, to create entries to your local DB
$ rails c 

#run rails server
$ rails s 

#run stylus in separate terminal tab to apply styling changes
$ stylus -u jeet -u rupture -u axis -w public/app.styl -o app/assets/stylesheets/ -l 

# to host the app, you can use free Heroku services

Want to start a local chapter and need help?


If you have a question, found a bug or want to propose a feature, have a look at the issues page.