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  • SourceMod 1.8 or later
  • CS:S v34 server with 4044 build for windows or 4100 build for linux


Plugin Description
clientmod.sp Main plugin and ClientMod Api support
clientmod_deathnotice.sp Extended ClientMod death notice with assist, penetration, flash and smoke kills
clientmod_auth_example.sp Example of using ClientMod client authorization
clientmod_autobhop_example.sp Example of using server-side auto bunny hopping and server browser tags
clientmod_blockmessage_example.sp Example of blocking new messages ClientMod in chat
clientmod_hudmsg_example.sp Example of using ClientMod HudMsg user message and chat with hex colors
client_crash_exploit.sp A funny plugin for crashing old clients.

ClientMod Plugin

Console variable Description
se_scoreboard Customize ClientMod scoreboard.
0 - disable
1 - hide Money
2 - show Money for teammates only
3 - true mp_forcecamera rules for C4, Defuse Kit and Money
se_crosshair_sniper Force disable ClientMod crosshair on sniper weapons.
0 - disable
1 - enable
se_autobunnyhopping Auto bunny hopping server api and support ClientMod client-side prediction.
0 - disable
1 - enable
se_disablebunnyhopping Reduce bunny hopping speed and support ClientMod client-side prediction.
0 - disable
1 - enable
se_disablebunnyhopping_scale Maximum bunny hopping speed scale if se_disablebunnyhopping enabled.
1.0-2.0 - MaxPlayerSpeed * scale = max bhop speed
se_allowpure Allow sv_pure support for ClientMod.
0 - disable
1 - enable
se_voice_opus Activate the opus voice codec on the client.
0 - disable
1 - enable
se_duckfix Fixes unduck abuse.
0 - disable
1 - enable
You can watch a video with an example of abuse here.
se_shootpositionfix Hit Registration Fix (bullet displacement by 1 tick).
0 - disable
1 - enable
You can read more about this here.
Or watch a video of how it works in ClientMod.
se_newsmoke Smoke grenade control for ClientMod.
This ConVar is controlled only by clientmod_smoke_type and clientmod_smoke_mode
clientmod_smoke_type Smoke grenade control for se_newsmoke.
0 - disable
1 - smoke as in Steam version of CS:S
2 - more density
clientmod_smoke_mode Smoke grenade control for se_newsmoke.
0 - disable
1 - disable excess dust for avoid transparent bug (the best choice)
2 - reduce life time by 2 minutes as in Steam version of CS:S
3 - both mode
clientmod_smoke_fix Fixes spotting of enemies on the radar if one of the players is in smoke.<br/>Doesn't affect the problem of constant player spotting if the server is started with the -nobots startup argument.
0 - disable
1 - enable
clientmod_private Private mode for server.
-1 - kick only outdated ClientMod clients
0 - disable
1 - allow access only to the latest version of ClientMod
2 - allow access to the any version of ClientMod
clientmod_private_message Message for kicked clients if private mode is activated.
clientmod_team_t The custom name of the Terrorist team in the scoreboard.
clientmod_team_ct The custom name of the Counter-Terrorist team in the scoreboard.
clientmod_client_version_min The minimum version of the ClientMod 2.0 to enter the server.
Must not be lower than 2.0.8!
clientmod_client_version_min_message Message for kicked clients if ClientMod 2.0 is out of date.


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