Validatore e Monitor per l'accessibilità
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Validatore e Monitor per l'accessibilità

Vamolà is a ready installed version of aChecker validator with some improvements, you don't need to install from zero but is enough to edit configuration parameters inside include/ file to match your database credentials.

This distribution comes with a SQL dump database (database.sql.bz2 file), it will builds VamolaValidator database for you from scratch.

That's because most of the customization comes from the database.

So, using Vamola you get all the aChecker features, plus:

  • A new guideline called "Allegato A L. 4/04" (matching Italian laws on accessibility since 20/03/2013), the latest version of "STANCA ACT"
  • Full Italian language translations
  • Original Vamolà HTML5 accessible theme using jQuery UI (v. 1.8.7)


Please, fetch latest stable version 2.1.3


  1. Unzip latest stable release (or clone the master branch if you plan to contrib to this repository)
  2. Load inside your database entire the dump file database.sql.bz2
  3. Modify include/ to match your SQL credentials parameters and temp directory
  4. Serve using Apache, enjoy 😄


Documentation is helded inside this project's wiki pages


Getting support is easy as filing issues


You can fork this project and contribute by sending pull requests as you want


  • 2.0.5 Old Vamolà distribution, stills available on SourceForge
  • 2.1.0 Current Vamolà distribution on Github, based on AChecker 1.4
  • 2.1.1 Feature added: Security enchancements by nonce submission and validation limit to avoid memory leaks.
  • 2.1.2 Template engine updated to Savant3
  • 2.1.3 Adding tweet button