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DSDT patch repository for Lenovo U430 Touch laptop
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AppleHDA_ALC283.kext/Contents use AirportBrcmFixup.kext+BT4LEContinuityFixup.kext instead of FakePC… Sep 19, 2018
Patches.xcodeproj cleanup HDA build process related to AppleALC use Oct 2, 2018
build initial commit (work in progress) Mar 24, 2014
native_u430_touch adding files from my u430 touch; for reference only Oct 13, 2015
.gitignore use _tools instead of tools (avoids conflicts with tools use in old g… Oct 3, 2018 initial commit (work in progress) Mar 24, 2014 cleanup HDA build process related to AppleALC use Oct 2, 2018
config.plist use RM,disable_FakePCIID as a more direct way to disable FakePCIID_XH… Oct 24, 2018
config_install.plist use AppleBacklightFixup.kext Oct 12, 2018 add CodecCommander.kext to essential kexts (when paired with AppleALC… Oct 23, 2018
makefile handle spaces in EFI mount point Oct 9, 2018 use _tools instead of tools (avoids conflicts with tools use in old g… Oct 3, 2018
u430_alc283_codec.txt add u430 ALC283 codec dump from Linux Sep 26, 2015
u430_alc283_codec_ubuntu15.txt add audio codec dump from Ubuntu 15 Apr 18, 2016

Lenovo Haswell U330/U430/U530 DSDT patches by RehabMan

This set of patches/makefile can be used to patch your Lenovo U330/U430/U530 Touch(and p) DSDT/SSDTs. There are also post install scripts that can be used to create and install the kexts the are required for this laptop series.

Although older versions of the repo had scripts to automate patching of DSDT/SSDTs, the current version does it all via config.plist hotpatching and SSDT-HACK.

Please refer to this guide thread on for a step-by-step process, feedback, and questions:

Change Log:


  • completed major changes for Mojave and AppleALC.kext


  • removed FULLPATCH, now using only SSDT-HACK.dsl

  • remove config_iris.plist, injections done (smartly) in SSDT-HACK

  • disable EHCI#1 controller, use XHC only


  • various updates for 10.11

  • transition to SSDT-HACK and dynamic patching/injection


  • update AppleHDA script

  • update AppleHDA_ALC283.kext to 10.10.3

  • install VoodooPS2Daemon in

  • remove extra line out from AppleHDA PathMaps

  • simulate as Windows 2012 (Windows 8) instead of Windows 2006


  • add "gray" tagging to files installed to /S/L/E and /Applications


  • instead of deleting _PRW objects, add them back but with sleep state 0. This eliminates the disrupting call to the associated _GPE event during the sleep process.

  • use "Windows 2012" instead of "Windows 2006". This makes USB2 devices connect to AppleUSBEHCI instead of AppleUSBEHCI.


  • add new WiFi+Bluetooth option BCM94352HMB


  • use "one-shot" PS2 notify methods to PS2K. This eliminates a problem with F9.


  • update for Yosemite 10.10.2


  • add "9mb cursor bytes" patch. Eliminates glitches with 1080p screens such as on the u530.


  • using OEM provided CPU power management SSDTs
  • using FakePCIID for HD4400 and WiFi (instead of binary patching)


  • Updated for AppleUSBXHCI.kext
  • rebranded native WiFi
  • and updated patches/config.plist

2014-03-23 Initial Release

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