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Fork of FakeSMC, PlugIns, and HwMonitor (based on kozlek's branch)
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RehabMan Merge pull request #27 from Memphiz/fix_german_menubar_rpmstr
Localisation: fixed typo in german resource file (wrong format string for formatting the fan rpm)
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ACPISensors merge latest kozlek2/master Dec 16, 2016
Artwork HWMonitor: prefs window artwork tweaks Mar 14, 2014
CPUSensors Merge branch 'master' of Mar 30, 2018
FakeSMC add ALS keys; fixes brightness restore in some cases Jun 7, 2017
FakeSMCKeyStore Prevent overwriting of internal key values from configuration Jul 26, 2018
GPUSensors Merge branch 'master' of Mar 30, 2018
HWMonitor.xcodeproj Added (pre-liminary) NVMe controller support to HWMATASensor Jul 28, 2018
HWMonitor Localisation: - fixed typo in german resource file (wrong format stri… Oct 14, 2018
HWMonitorHelper HWMonitor: fixed bug with storage drive SMART overrides not properly … Apr 4, 2014
HWMonitorTests Update SMCHelperTests.m Nov 18, 2017
HWSensors.xcodeproj Added SMMSensors for Dell System Management Mode sensor data Jul 26, 2018
HWSensors.xcworkspace CPUSensors: Fixed build error when compiling with XCode 8 for macOS 1… Sep 26, 2016
License Refactoring Mar 21, 2014
Package HWMonitor: added attribute status indicators to SMART report popover Mar 7, 2014
SMMSensors fix building without needing latest SDK (still build with 10.8 SDK) Sep 15, 2018
Scripts merge latest kozlek2/master Sep 28, 2017
Shared Merge pull request #25 from the-darkvoid/smm-sensors Sep 15, 2018
Sparkle merge latest kozlek2/master Sep 28, 2017
SuperIOSensors Merge branch 'master' of Mar 30, 2018
Versioning And Distribution.xcodeproj Added SMMSensors for Dell System Management Mode sensor data Jul 26, 2018
smcutil Refactoring. UI tweaks. Added some tests Apr 9, 2017
.gitignore merge latest kozlek2/master (new Kabylake support) Apr 12, 2017 Update README download link for bitbucket bug Feb 23, 2017
makefile Added SMMSensors for Dell System Management Mode sensor data Jul 26, 2018 install to /L/E on 10.11+ Oct 31, 2015


HWSensors is a software bundle that includes drivers and applications that allow you to access information from hardware sensors available on your Mac.

FakeSMC is an open source SMC device driver/emulator developed by netkas.

NOTE: FakeSMC & Plugins starting from v915 provide additional sensors information to HWMonitor on Macs. By installing FakeSMC on a real Mac you acknowledge that you know what you are doing and how to recover your system if something goes wrong.

Notes about this fork by RehabMan:

Note: This version forked from kozlek's branch at:

Download link for RehabMan builds:

Older builds are archived here:

A note about the contents of the download: Debug/FakeSMC.kext - debug FakeSMC.kext + PlugIns (install for troubleshooting) Release/FakeSMC.kext - release FakeSMC.kext + PlugIns (recommended install)

Debug/ - debug version of kozlek's Release/ - release version of kozlek's (recommended)

SL/ - release version of slice's, modified to work with kozlek's FakeSMC.kext. Primarily for use on Snow Leopard, but will also work on ML or Lion.

To install:

  • install FakeSMC.kext using Kext Wizard. (Note: if you had previously used slice's and have the various kexts spread all over /S/L/E, be sure to remove them all)
  • run and set it up to your preference.

All repositories:

SourceForge, BitBucket, Assembla, GitHub

Special thanks to:

netkas for fakesmc.
slice for plugins and help in developing the project.
usr-sse2 for help in development and first FakeSMC plugins idea and realization.
Navi for investigation of numeric SMC values encoding/decoding and other useful stuff.
droplets for testing.
Michael Möller for OpenHardwareMonitor.
The Real Deal & JrCs for French localization.
RehabMan forced me using mutexes and other contributions to the project.
Oliver Bolton for OBMenuBarWindow.
Mozketo for LaunchAtLoginController.
PHPdev32 for an idea to using NVRAM as storage for kext configuration.
coercion for initial Haswell support.
oswaldini @ for Polish translation.
Matteo «Marchrius» Gaggiano for the enhanced about window with credits scroller and Italian translation.
k3nny @ for German translation.
Bruce Allen for smartmontools.
Michael Robinson for Cocoa Categories.
Stephane Sudre for Packages (packagesbuild).
Andy Matuschak for Sparkle framework.
Nouveau Project for nouveau linux driver (GeforceSensors base).
Advanced Micro Devices and all contributors for AMD Radeon linux driver (RadeonSensors base).
Joshua Nozzi for JLNFadingScrollView.
Rheinfabrik for RFOverlayScrollView.
Matteo Gaggiano for the enhanced about window with credits scroller.
HWSensors Project © 2014 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG, RehabMan and others. All rights reserved.

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