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Unmanaged package for your developer edition.

Creates a toy data model and inserts sample data so you can experiment faster on the platform. Now includes:

  • Simple Lightning Components
  • A pre-configured Lightning Component Tab for your mobile navigation
  • A simple Lightning Process that inserts Chatter posts immediately and an hour later.
  • A Lightning Connect external data source under the LAB Mo External Data app.

This is not an app. This is more like lab equipment for your developer edition. Questions? Suggestions? Issues? Hit the Twitter @ReidCarlberg.

If you don't have a free Dev Org, start by getting one here.

Note: The new version requires that you enable Lightning Components. You might enjoy Salesforce Lightning Component Newbie Notes as well.

Mo Tester is designed to make it easier for devs to try things out on the Salesforce Platform by providing a toy data model and light data.

Mo Tester was inspired by Steve Molis's comments on the Button Click Admin podcast. When asked how he tested things so quickly, he described a basic dev org pre-configured with an object with four of every kind of field. I smacked myself in the head and said we should all have one of those!

Note: @ReidCarlberg put this together, and any weaknesses aren't @SteveMoForce's fault. Thanks, Mr. Mo, for being a good sport about the name, and suggestions along the way!!

Thanks also to Matthew Botos for the stupendous SmartFactory code.

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Blog where I originally announced it.

Basic Data Model

Mo Tester 1: four of (almost) every kind of field. One click data create from the list view.

-MT1 Child 1: A MD Relationship to Mo Tester 1. Includes Date, Number, Picklist and Text fields.

-MT1 Grandchild 1: An MD Relationship to MT Child 1. Includes Date, Number, Picklist and Text fields.

Mo Tester 2: one of (almost) every kind of field, Look Up relationship to Account.

MT1 MT4 Junction: junction object between Mo Tester 1 and Mo Tester 4. No other fields.

Mo Tester 4: includes 1 each of basic fields (checkbox, text, picklist, phone)

Mo Tester 5: includes 1 checkbox and 1 text field. Mo Tester 1 has a Look Up relationship to Mo Tester 5.


If you get this error, you haven't enabled Lightning Components in your org.


The Mo Tester Lightning page looks like this



Creates a toy data model and inserts sample data so you can experiment faster on the platform.






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