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# @author Reika Kalseki
# Copyright 2013-2018
# All rights reserved.
# Distribution of the software in any form is only allowed with
# explicit, prior permission from the owner.
@author Reika
This code is the property of and owned and copyrighted by Reika.
This code is provided under a modified visible-source license that is as follows:
Any and all users are permitted to use the source for educational purposes, or to create derivative works
for private use only. GitHub forks and direct downloads are considered derivative works.
Unless given explicit written permission - electronic writing is acceptable - no user may redistribute this
source code nor any derivative works. These pre-approved works must prominently contain this copyright notice.
Derivative mods using any or all of the source code or assets are EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.
Additionally, no attempt may be made to achieve monetary gain from this code by anyone except the original author.
In the case of pre-approved derivative works, any monetary gains made will be shared between the original author
and the other developer(s), proportional to the ratio of derived to original code.
Finally, any and all displays, duplicates or derivatives of this code must be prominently marked as such, and must
contain attribution to the original author, including a link to the original source. Any attempts to claim credit
for this code will be treated as intentional theft.
With the exception of pre-approved derivative works, only the original authoror modpacks
may distribute compiled binary versions of this code.
Failure to comply with these restrictions is a violation of copyright law and will be dealt with accordingly.