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Kinotracker is a remote location tracker system for dogs

The kinotracker is a device that sends the location of the dog via a wireless transceiver to an Android App. The Android app stores all positions in the local database and shows a map with current positions of the dogs.


  • High accuracy (1m)
  • must be able to track one or more dogs
  • live tracking (1 update per 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds)
  • long range (>600m)
  • Upload data to internet to accomodate large-scale search operations
  • minimum 24 hours operation time (at the highest update frequency)
  • waterproof and dog-proof
  • must be able to compete more or less with the $500 Garmin Astro professional dogtrackers

current status

  • proof-of-concept hardware is working stable
  • proof-of-concept software (Android App & Arduino Firmware) is working stable

todo in the next 2 months

*cleanup code *do something with rssi and tdm information from radios *multidog features


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