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Bruh is an IRC plugin for Walnut written in Python 3. It implements most plugins from the old standalone IRC bot. It was created just to run mostly as a code execution bot on Rizon's #c++ channel. I use it to play with libraries so It's not the easiest bot to setup. If you definitely want to run it however check the requirements below and follow the instructions.


Note: The old bot can still be found here. To run the bot, the following are required. Walnut should automatically be cloned along with this repository so as long as you have GHC, it should build with the setup script.



  • Hyphentator (for the buttify plugin)
  • Flask (for the plugin)


Clone this repository with the --recursive flag to automatically clone and prepare the submodules, you need to do this even if you cloned Walnut seperately as the driver for python Walnut plugins needs to be within Bruh's source tree.

git clone --recursive

Build Walnut:

cd walnut
./Setup.hs build

Install Python Dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Make sure Redis is running. Then simply run python to start bruh, then next run Walnut to start the connections to IRC. Modifications can be made to bruh and the python can be killed and restarted without issue, Walnut will maintain the connection to IRC at all times.

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