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Bruh is an IRC plugin for Walnut written in Python 3. It implements most plugins from the old standalone IRC bot. It was created just to run mostly as a code execution bot on Rizon's #c++ channel. I use it to play with libraries so It's not the easiest bot to setup. If you definitely want to run it however check the requirements below and follow the instructions.


Note: The old bot can still be found here. To run the bot, the following dependencies are needed, though these instructions should set them up for you. GHC, libzmq, and pip should be all you need to have installed.



Clone this repository, followed by the walnut repository which will include the drivers Bruh needs to run behind Walnut:

git clone
cd Bruh
git clone walnut

Build Walnut:

cd walnut
./Setup.hs build

Install Python Dependencies:

cd ../
pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit walnut/config to setup the IRC networks Walnut should connect to, then start it to connect. Once connected, run python to run Bruh. You can background both processes, bruh can be killed safely at any time and Walnut will continue to run, this makes testing changes pretty smooth.

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