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Just a repo for placing various test code, small demos, etc.
C++ Lua Python
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Sample Hotel


What is this?

Just a repo for placing various test code, small demos, etc. Probably to do when I get bored


The games on are not that polished, I admit this. However, just because they are not, does mean that I cannot.

The problem is that I spend so much time on projects outside of pure game-development, that I'm never really that super focused on creating a fully fleshed out, beautiful game.

What I DO have time for, however, are a series of smaller demos.

You know, when I'm not messing with,, YouTube videos, teaching IRL people, maintaining the IRC and message board, and all that other stuff...

To Do...


  • Base program setup
  • Bounding Box collision detection demo
  • Radius-based collision detection demo
  • Tile-based lighting demo
  • Trig / Projectile Bullets demo
  • Particle Effects demo
  • "Attack Strategy" demo
  • Momentum / Platforming demo
  • Pathfinding demo

Libraries - Perhaps Pickin' Sticks intro games

  • Basic Allegro 5 (C++)
  • Basic SDL (C++)
  • Basic SFML 2 (C++)
  • Basic OpenGL (C++)
  • Basic Python/PyGame
  • Basic LOVE/Lua
  • ...
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