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This is my online-based resume. Please contact me at
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Rachel J. Morris' Portfolio Page

Thank you for viewing my portfolio page!

Here, you can view my Resume and a list of my Skills.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at **. *References, .pdf resume, and phone # available on request.


View Resume

View List of Skills

Other Links

LinkedIn Profile

Personal Webpage

Contains my personal projects, online lessons on programming & game development, and a small community based around programming & game development.

My OpenSource Projects

About Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I love computers and technology - especially programming!
In my journey to become a competent computer programmer, I've also found my secondary passion - teaching.

While I'm definitely an introvert, over the years I've evolved and learned to grow out of my shell - somewhat. :) Through an excitement for teaching other people cool stuff (math, programming, creative activities, etc.) I've become a much more outgoing person.

I also love studying about software development, and keeping up with the Open Source community. I LOVE Open Source software, and use it in almost everything I do related to computers - My operating system, my video editing software, my art, and my programming.

While it's hard to find many hobbies away from the computer, I've also picked up a love of learning about other languages. Similar to learning programming, language is a neat puzzle of syntax and semantics, as well as a more "creative" side when it comes to speaking and learning about culture.

While I have a strong desire to do *everything**, my main focus and goals in life is to use programming in some form or another in conjunction with my other hobbies.

I like making online lessons on programming through my website and on YouTube, I like organizing local classes to teach kids and adults about programming, and I like experimenting with software to help teach a topic - math, language, or maybe even piano!

People I want to be like...

  • John Carmack
    • John Carmack grew up in Raytown, like me! :)
    • He also went to UMKC, like me, but dropped after two semesters. xD
  • Tim Schafer
  • Ron Gilbert
  • Salman Khan
  • Bob Cotter - My Intro to Operating Systems & Computer Networks teacher at UMKC
  • Cindy Herbert - My A+ Hardware teacher at Longview
  • Jason Pallett - My Calc 2 & Differential Equations teacher at Longview
  • Janet Wyatt - My Precalc and Calc 3 teacher at Longview
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