Example projects for ReLaXed, the PDF edition framework: letter, slide, poster, report, and more.
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ReLaXed examples

This repository contains examples of PDF documents written with ReLaXed v0.1.8.

It demonstrates how the Pug and SCSS languages can be advantageously used to create a wide variety of reusable document layouts while keeping a clarity of the source close to Markdown.

Book - source / PDF Letter - Source / PDF Resume - Source / PDF Visit card - Source / PDF
Slides - Source / PDF Report - Source / PDF Paper - Source / PDF Poster - Source / PDF

Get started

First install ReLaXed, then clone or download this repository and start a session from the terminal by pointing ReLaXed to the master document of a project:

relaxed examples/report/report.pug

Now every time a file changes in the report/ folder, a PDF document report.pdf will be generated.

Real-life examples

Here are some examples of documents made with ReLaXed. If you've made nice stuff with ReLaXed, it could be added here.

DNA Assembly is Not for You - source / PDF Cloud Biology - source / PDF
The Order of the MEO Array source / PDF

Resume source / PDF