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  1. vectorhub vectorhub Public

    Vector Hub - Library for easy discovery, and consumption of State-of-the-art models to turn data into vectors. (text2vec, image2vec, video2vec, graph2vec, bert, inception, etc)

    Python 550 58

  2. relevanceai relevanceai Public

    Home of the AI workforce - Multi-agent system, AI agents & tools

    Python 105 19

  3. relevance-js-sdk relevance-js-sdk Public

    Vector Database by Relevance AI. Fast and simple with support for chaining.

    TypeScript 7

  4. ask-relevance-widget ask-relevance-widget Public

    ChatGPT for your documentation, in your app 🧪

    TypeScript 4 1

  5. relevance-chain-sdk relevance-chain-sdk Public

    The managed, developer-first SDK for building LLM chains.

    TypeScript 4 1

  6. ai-transform ai-transform Public

    Relevance AI Bulk Chain Workflow SDK

    Python 3


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