Relief1 - Providing a complete Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Recovery System for use worldwide.
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#Relief1 – Helping everyone make an impact on the world

We are building an internet platform that’s focused on connecting people who want to make a difference for those in crisis. At the same time, we want to show everyone how their impact and influence on others can change the world.

At Relief1, we want to help organizations receive donations and show the world through stories how they are helping. Individuals and businesses will be able to read these stories and give directly to these organizations simply and easily through their mobile phone or computer. Because Relief1 will have social sharing and impact tracking built in from the beginning, we have a unique opportunity to connect with countless people around the world and help them make a difference.

##Why are we doing this? We want to help everyone make an impact on the world.

##How are we doing it? By helping anyone who wants to provide organizations with the aid they need to help those affected by natural disasters.

##What are we doing? We are building a permanent platform on the internet that makes it easy and simple to donate money directly to organizations that are making a difference. Anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to do this from a smart phone or computer. We will also track everyone’s impact on the world, making his or her influence count.

We Need Your Help

A project of this scope and vision requires help from many people. There is room for everyone who wants to help.

Want to help?

  • Check out our open tickets here on GitHub
  • Shoot us an email at and we will get back to you
  • Join us at #relief1 on the Freenode IRC service if you have any ideas, questions, or need direction concerning helping out.


  1. Fork.
  2. Create a branch with some meaningful name.
  3. Hack (tests for new features will be appreciated)!
  4. Verify that the tests are still passing (nodeunit test).
  5. Commit.
  6. Push.
  7. Pull request.


Here’s our list of technologies we are using to build this service.

Back-end development libraries and tools

Front-end development


##Follow us on twitter: @reliefone or visit our website: