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Test API for Joomla 3
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Test API for Joomla, only basic tags are supported at this stage

This API use SlimFramework :


Upload the all the content at the root of a Joomla 3 website


Five HTTP verbs are supported:

  • GET requests to retrieve information
  • POST to add new records
  • PUT to update records
  • DELETE requests to remove records
  • OPTIONS used by some framework to test a route

Method Override

Some browser/framework don't support all this method. In this case, you can send a POST with _METHOD='PUT' as parameter

you may also override the HTTP method by using the X-HTTP-Method-Override header


We support 4 differents format for output. If you don’t specify an accept header, the API will return JSON format by default:

  • XML / HTTP-Header Accept: application/xml
  • JSON / HTTP-Header Accept: application/json
  • JSONP / HTTP-Header Accept: application/json / For JSONP, add the ?callback parameter to any GET call to have the results wrapped in a JSON function. For example:
  • Serialized / HTTP-Header Accept: text/plain

We support content negociation : Done with


API return status booth in body and header

  • 400 Bad Request
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found
"error": true,
"msg": "ERROR: Invalid Route",
"status": 404
<msg>ERROR: Invalid Route</msg>


You can extend the API by plugins see plgJapiUsers as basic exemple

This is only a test to show the general concept

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