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GoGui is a graphical interface to board-game AI software, using the GTP protocol. GoGui and GTP were designed for Go programs, but the protocol was extended to handle any board game.

Besides the basic ability of visualizing the board, saving game records in sgf format, and letting humans play against the AI, GoGui offers many interesting features for AI developers:

  • A GTP engine can define analyze commands. This will extend GoGui with new custom commands that can be used to display information graphically on the board, or open dialog boxes to set engine parameters.
  • Tools such as gogui-twogtp can be used to run matches between two programs and collect statistics.


Policy visualization with analyze commands:


Chess engine displaying its board:


Download and Install

Link to the latest release.

Starting from version 1.5.2, GoGui is distributed as a zip file containing its source code as well as the compiled jars. In order to run GoGui, a Java Runtime Environment must be installed on your machine. The jars are located in the lib subdirectory. For linux, executable scripts are located in the bin subdirectory. Your operating system may make you jump through hoops to let you execute the code because of the security risk of running software downloaded from the internet.

Building from Source

Commands for building gogui from source in Ubuntu can be found in You may have to adjust this script to build on other systems.


GoGui was initially developed by Markus Enzenberger, and hosted on sourceforge.