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This directory contains the code we used for our SeaRNN ICLR 2018 paper

This code is an open-source (MIT) implementation of SeaRNN. It is rather sparsely documented, so you are welcome to ask us more details using issues.

Table of Contents


First, set up a virtualenv to install the dependencies of the project. The project uses Python 3 and was written with PyTorch 0.2 in mind, although it also works with PyTorch 0.3 for NMT. You can replace the version numbers in the following commands to suit your architecture.

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.5 --system-site-packages /path/to/virtualenv
source /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate
pip3 install
pip3 install torchvision
pip3 install numpy --upgrade
pip3 install nltk
pip3 install cython

Second, download the code:

git clone
cd SeaRNN-open

Next, compile the cython files. This will probably send a few warnings which you can ignore.

python build_ext --inplace

Finally, download the data at and preprocess it:

export DATA_ROOT=/path/to/data


Step 1: Train the model


python --dataset ocr --dataroot ${DATA_ROOT} --rollin learned --rollout mixed --objective target-learning --log_path /path/to/save

NMT (the standard MLE training)

python --dataset nmt --dataroot ${DATA_ROOT}/ --rollin gt --objective mle --log_path /path/to/save

Various parameters can be tuned, including the rollin and rollout policies, the objective etc. See for a complete description.

Step 2: Evaluate.

python --dataset nmt --dataroot /${DATA_ROOT}/ --max_iter 0 --print_iter 1 --checkpoint_file /path/to/checkpoint_file.pth

The arguments must be coherent with those used for training the model (such as the size of the hidden state of the RNN, whether the encoder is bidirectional or not...), otherwise the model loading will break.

To reproduce the NMT experiments of the paper, see scripts/


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