'path' of change events untranslated to current client #253

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michielbdejong commented Feb 9, 2013

if i do

privateClient.on('change', cb);

then i expect cb to receive an object whose 'path' parameter is a path relative to the base of that privateClient, but in reality it seems that i'm getting a path relative to the storage root, for instance


instead of the expected


the docs say it should be 'path to the node that changed', but like everything else in the baseClient works with chrooted paths, i would expect that for this one, too.


nilclass commented Feb 9, 2013

True, the path should be relative. Could you figure out what kind of change event it was (what "origin" does it have?)


nilclass commented Feb 9, 2013

Ah right, the relative path is set to event.relativePath :)


michielbdejong commented Feb 10, 2013

aaah right, thanks. yeah, that's also how it's described on http://remotestoragejs.com/doc/code/files/lib/baseClient-js.html#BaseClient.change actually, sorry.

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