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KSP Version: 1.3

The source code for RemoteTech is licensed under GPL version 2. The art assets are not licensed to the general public and may not be redistributed without permission from their original creators.


Version 1.8.9

Released November 11, 2017

What's New?

  • Functionality of relaying connection signals through a designated probe core (For third-party mods) [Issue #532]
  • Modernised the PID controller in both orbital and rover modes [Issue #674]
  • Added two new power commands to hibernate (probe hibernation and antenna shutdown) and wake up [Issue #739]
  • Added support for VDS Hullcam's probe core [PR #531]
  • Added support for the drone core of Mark IV Spaceplane System [PR #672]

Detailed Changelog

Fixed Issues

  • Issue #532: Request: Non-Relay ModuleSPU [requested by: NathanKell]
  • Issue #674: The rover steering and throttle PID's need work [requested by: mferrie]
  • Issue #739: Feature Request: Resource locking control [requested by: AkiraR]

Pull Requests

  • PR #531: VDS Hullcam Support [PR by: schnip]
  • PR #672: RemoteTech Compatibility Patch For Mark IV Spaceplane System [PR by: Sandriell]
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