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System setup

After booting the OS for the first time,

install git (as root):

apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y git sudo
# change username with your username
usermod -aG sudo username
su - !$

Clone this git (as normal user):

# Termux only
pkg install git
# End Termux only

git clone
cd systemSetup

Debian Stretch setup:

cd debian
sudo ./
sudo ./
# login again to update groups
su - username
cd systemSetup/debian/

Installed programs

fail2ban curl wget tmux tree screen ranger mc vim ncftp p7zip-full  rtorrent  pbzip2 atop
htop glances tcc sshuttle finger cmatrix jigdo-file openssh-server ntp kpcli  iftop iotop
unison qrencode apt-file graphviz pandoc elinks w3m  links  nmap figlet zip lynx  apt-src
cowsay  sl tig rdiff-backup imagemagick graphicsmagick emacs24-nox llgal moreutils  pwgen
rsync pigz pixz astyle uncrustify unifdef valgrind doxygen fish gdb lcov python-pip slurm
tpp cloc python3-pip silversearcher-ag ncdu mutt doitlive lolcat p7zip-rar rar easydoneit
timg thefuck ripgrep docker bmon lm-sensors cppcheck check clang-3.9 toilet erlang elixir
mini-dinstall pinentry-curses diff-so-fancy

i3-wm  feh  fluxbox eog baobab gsetroot sweep aumix geeqie audacious mplayer xine-ui meld
cifs-utils  keepassx gnucash texlive texi2html tigervnc-viewer xtightvncviewer gvncviewer
vnc4server  tightvncserver x11vnc gitk terminator xemacs21 vim-gtk wifi-radar xsane gedit
universalindentgui  mlterm  libsixel-bin  w3m-img  arandr  xbacklight  chromium thunar st
palemoon virtualbox lsix sc-im fzf unetbootin usb-creator-gtk midori eclipse-cdt