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Original version of the Givaudan client server engine. These sources worked on OS/2 and Windows workstations creating a client side cache to AS/400 whose architecture btw makes the entire machine accessible as a single relational store. Note: the cache is not data, it's db access plan state.

As a solution this fit in the Flavors division sample workflow process which processed a few hundred requests for samples a week. Before the solution was deployed the client server system was about to be kicked off the AS/400 due to it's load on an already overloaded machine. This solution could neatly solve that problem because the CS system used a package called QELIB with a relatively simple 21 call SQL CLI which this dll replaced.

This will still work with any RDBMS that has still has static SQL as most of the big ones do but would have to be adapted, targets IBM DB/2.

In my wage labor career, this was probably the most impactful piece of work. Givaudan at the time was in a duopoly with International Flavors and Fragrances and was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoffman LaRoche. Today it is the industry dominator eclipsing IFF and separated from Roche to become an independent company. I believe the workflow system for which I provided the engine and a remote capability and Harish Diwan provided most of the app was critical in this success.

This and an assortment of other programmings will of course be nothing more than early journeyman efforts compared to my vision of the Rawring Twenties, should it find similar realization.


Original version of the Givaudan client server engine.






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