A simplified version of rss2email, parse RSS feeds and send the result to specified email addresses.
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1 Introduction

It parses RSS feeds and sends the result to specified email addresses.

It does the very similar thing that rss2email does, but rss2email never worked for me, what was worse, it even did not show me any error messages. So I wrote this simplified version and named it ren-rss2gmail, since you need to register an gmail account for sending emails (surely you can send feeds to any receivers).

2 Install, Configure and Run

2.1 Install Dependencies

  • Python 2.7, the program is only tested on this version
  • feedparser, it is a Python library which is used for parsing feeds. You can install it on Debian using pip:

    sudo pip install feedparser

2.2 Download ren-rss2gmail


2.3 Configuration

  • copy file .ren-rss2gmail to your home directory, it is a configuration file in JSON format.
  • modify “~/.ren-rss2gmail”, replace the values of username , password , receivers .
  • add some feeds, the format of feeds is: “feed_url”: {“name”: “feed_name”, “last_update”: {}}. Leave the value of last-update “{}” for newly added feeds.

2.4 Scheduled Run

2.4.1 GNU/Linux

You can add the following line to ”etc/crontab” on GNU/Linux so ren-rss2gmail will run automatically at a specified time interval:

mm hh * * * username python /path/ren-rss2gmail/ren-rss2gmail.py

Note: please replace mm with second , hh with hour , username with your gmail_username , path with the path of ren-rss2gmail

2.4.2 Windows

You can use Task Scheduler on Windows.

2.4.3 Mac

cron is also available on Mac

3 Uninstall

  • remove the directory of ren-rss2gmail
  • remove configuration file “~/.ren-rss2gmail”
  • remove log file “~/ren-rss2gmail.log”
  • remove the line added to crontab