Wind shader for low poly assets on Unity.
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Polygon Wind Shader

Last year I was looking for a wind shader to use on a low poly model, however I couldn't find one that had the visual I was looking for. So I started to develop the Polygon Wind Shader.

It is supposed to simulate a more suttle organic wind movement on trees (not great for heavy wind effects). Lately I haven't had much time to work on it, so I decided to publish the source code here and make it available so that anyone can use it.

Here are some videos of what I achieved using it:

How to use it:

Just apply the shader to a material and apply the material to your asset. The ideal tree asset is one with a single mesh.

The shader has various parameters for you to tweak:

  • Wind Wave Size;
  • Tree Sway Displacement;
  • Foliage Wiggle Amount;
  • Branches Up/Down;
  • Foliage Wiggle Speed;
  • Tree Sway Stutter;
  • Tree Sway Speed;
  • Wind Direction;
  • Red Vertex Influence;
  • Blue Vertex Influence.

It uses a series of inputs to calculate the final vertex position, one of them being the vertices colors of the mesh:

  • Red - Use on the branches to make possible the up/down movement;
  • Blue - Use it on the leaves to get that organic wiggle movement.