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This plugins makes the upgrade of your Marlin (or any Arduino based) firmware possible directly within OctoPrint. Simply connect to your printer, upload your firmware code, select your motherboard type, and click flash.DONE.






First, you'll need to download and install arduino-cli from their official GitHub page.

Then, install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


There are three configurable options:

  • The path to your arduino-cli executable
  • The name of the Arduino sketch (defaults to Marlin.ino)
  • The maximum file upload size (defaults to 20MB)

All can be configured directly though the Settings menu. or via the config.yaml

    arduino_path: /path/to/arduino-cli
    sketch_ino: Marlin.ino
    max_sketch_size: 20

You may also want to add custom boards ie: Sanguino. To do that edit the arduino-cli configuration file manually (cf: arduino-cli official documentation)

Step by step

If you need more help on how to setup and use the plugin feel free to check the wiki

Need help ?

If you need help please open an issue or join my discord server

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